Visualize in 3D

2D image from X-rays, CT and MRI scans has its own limitations especially when planning for a complex surgery. Our medical imaging team provides 3D model that unlocks valuable information and true care to the patient.

We have customized our entire workflow so you can get best value out of our service.

Prepare Digital Plan

Virtual surgical planning is the collaborative effort between surgeons and our core preop planning  team with common goal of reducing the complexity and overcoming all the possible hidden challenges.

As an effort to simplify the procedure, we provide detailed preoperative planning report, simulated virtual surgical plan animation and design that enable you print your plan using our proprietary “Printable Plan” Technology

Confidence in Surgery

We make sure that you get the 3D Printed Surgical Plan, well before surgery which will give enough time to review and ensure smooth execution.

With our dedicated Biomedical Engineering team standing by next to you, we are committed to provide best possible experience.

Visualize patient's CT scan data in 3D for free