Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty with 3D-Printed Solutions

By Dr. Ashutosh Ajri

Patient Overview:  

A 72-year-old female presented with severe shoulder arthritis in her right shoulder, where the humerus head was fused with the scapula in the glenoid cavity. This condition necessitated a complex surgical intervention to restore function and alleviate pain. 

Surgical Planning:  

The surgical approach involved meticulous preoperative planning for a Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty. Key elements of the planning included determining the glenoid inclination angle, glenoid version angle, central screw depth, and the precise amount of bone to be trimmed to prepare the glenoid for implant fixation. This comprehensive plan was essential to ensure the accuracy and success of the surgery. 



 3D-Printed Solution:  

Jajal Medical partnered with Dr. Ashutosh Ajri to provide patient-specific solutions, including a glenoid axis guide printed in biocompatible material and a scapula model printed in PLA material. These 3D-printed tools were integral to the surgery, offering precise guides and models to aid in the accurate execution of the surgical plan.  


Post-op Outcome:  

Four months post-surgery, the patient is thriving, having undergone India’s first reverse shoulder replacement using a patient-specific jig and glenoid augment combination. This innovative procedure successfully addressed her unique challenges, resulting in a significant improvement in shoulder function and overall quality of life. The use of 3D-printed solutions played a pivotal role in the precise and successful outcome of the surgery. 


Dr. Ashutosh Ajri
Unit head- Shoulder department, Sancheti Hospital, Pune
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