3D Printing for precision Lumbar Spine Surgery

Case Overview:

A challenging case involved a 30-year-old male orthopaedic surgeon with a herniated disc between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae. The disc caused spinal nerve compression, resulting in severe back and lower-limb pain. 

Pre-op condition 

Pre-op condition for lumbar spine surgery

Surgical Approach:

The surgery was performed using an advanced surgical plan. A minimally invasive approach was adopted to remove the bulging disc, relieving spinal nerve compression and mitigating pain in the back and lower limb. 

pre-operative planning by Jajal Medical

3D-Printed Solution:

Utilizing Jajal Medical’s 3D printing capabilities, a model of the herniated disc, spinal nerve, and vertebrae was crafted. This intricate model provided valuable insights, guiding the surgical planning process effectively. 


The 3D-printed model, derived from CT and MRI scans, facilitated a deeper understanding of spine anatomy. It uncovered nuances crucial for the surgery, proving especially beneficial when surprises arose during the procedure. 


The combination of advanced imaging, surgical expertise, and the precision offered by the 3D-printed model ensured a successful outcome. This case exemplifies the pivotal role of 3D printing in enhancing surgical planning for intricate spinal interventions. 


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