Ticellium-3D printed patient-specific orthopedic implant

Experience next-generation implants designed for optimal patient outcomes

We are proud to introduce Ticellium, a revolutionary line of 3D printed patient-specific orthopedic implant porous structure technology. Ticellium redefines implant design with its unique cellular features, promoting faster osteointegration. 

The Cutting-Edge Advantages: 

  • Organic-Cell Advanced Porous Structure: Mimicking the natural structure of trabacular bone, Ticellium’s intricate design allows for seamless osseointegration, promoting strong bone ingrowth and a stable implant-bone interface. 
  • Enhanced Biological Ingrowth: Strategically designed asymmetrical cells within Ticellium’s structure encourage vital bone cells to grow into the implant, leading to superior long-term stability 
  • Integrated Capillary Network: Ticellium features a network of microscopic capillary channels, mimicking natural bone’s vascularity. This facilitates essential nutrient delivery and blood flow, promoting faster healing and a stronger implant-bone connection. 
  • Customized for Precision: Unlike traditional implants, Ticellium is 3D printed to perfectly match each patient’s unique anatomy. This customization ensures a precise fit, leading to a more successful surgery and improved patient recovery. 

 Ticellium’s versatility allows it to be used in various orthopedic procedures, including: 

Jajal Medical’s Ticellium represents a significant leap forward in orthopedic implant technology.  

Contact us today to learn more about how Ticellium can revolutionize your surgical practice and deliver exceptional outcomes for your patients. 

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