Glenoid Axis Guide

for shoulder arthroplasty

Precise component alignment is the key to success in Shoulder Arthroplasty.  In collaboration with our surgeons to achieve this goal, we are offering 3D printed patient specific glenoid center axis guide along with “printable planning” enabled anatomical model. It ensures accurate glenoid centre pin alignment for shoulder arthroplasty. Key highlights of the process and product are as below:


  • Accurate segmentation with customized approach to handle artifect. Ensuring to maintain and repeat same quality of segmentation with every CT scan uploaded.
  • Making the visualization available as per surgeons requirements to enhance the clinical value of the model


  • Precise preop planning includes wide range of parameters like version, inclination, center pin depth, peripheral pin locations and thickness spectrum.
  • Surgeons receive 3D Planning animation for better understanding along with detailed Pdf planning report
  • Surgical accessible anterior area selection
  • Customized multiple leg for the stability and long handle for providing control while placement

3D Print 

  • 3D Printable planning model to ensure surgeon can validate preop value in OR.
  • Special attention by optimizing designing and printing technique for  preserving all the anatomical detailing meticulously.
  • Metal sleeved enabled pin guides for avoiding any oblong axis error

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