Femur Axis Guide

for Total Knee Arthoplasty

Alignment of implant is key in total knee arthroplasty and violation of IM canal is co-related to increase in blood loss. Our Femur Axis Guide eliminates the need to violate IM canal and reduces number of surgical steps allowing  and faster recovery. Key features are :

Visualization :

  • Accurate visualization of knee to assess the severity of OA
  • Special attention to preserve all bony landmark and osteophytes


  • Precise bone resection based on meticulously chosen anatomical landmark from bio-mechanics expert
  • Accustomed with kinematic and mechanical alignment planning
  • Medial and lateral bone resection
  • Varus/Valgus angle, HKA angle, Flexion & extension angle and  Rotational angle
  • Possible size estimation
  • Bone thickness analysis


  • 3D printed model with engraved resections and angular references
  • Sleak and aesthetic  design of the axis guide


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