Complex shoulder case

By Dr. Prathmesh Jain

Malalignment of glenoid center pin guide is one of the challenges in Shoulder Arthroplasty. Contextually cases like mentioned here with severely damaged osteoporotic bone are comparatively more challenging. 3D printed glenoid center guide brings immense value while planning these cases. Only planning on CT scan without 3D model may be a compromise with clarity and accuracy. Preop planning with 3D model provides present better case situation in terms bone erosion and angulation tilts. It can also be used as decision making tool in case if they required any augment for the particular case.  Needless to say, It optimizes the drill length and and entry point location for glenoid center pin.

These guides along with scapula model can be also considered a fine training tool for better understanding of cases preoperatively.

Dr. Prathmesh Jain
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