Custom Revision Hip Cage implant.

By Dr. Dorai Rajan

Case Information

63y/F was having discomfort from the previous arthroplasty. The major complaint was pain and discomfort during mobility. As the main affected regions, the acetabulum and femur head were severely damaged. The surgeon reached out to Jajal Medical for the customized Implant. According to her previous history and pre-op evaluations, we decided to go for a customized hip cup implant.



To visualize the hip anatomy and its neighboring area, a high-resolution CT scan of adequate slice thickness and increment was used to 3D model the defect.

The region of interest was well captured in the scan and replicated as a 1:1 digital model for understanding the hip fracture. The idea is to provide a self-explanatory model and help surgeons to make them visualize the defect which usually remains hidden in conventional 2D CT images.


As per the segmented data and 3d visualization, we took reference of the healthy side and mirrored it to design the implant. Initial analysis was done on the deformed right side. We reamed the bone and designed a customized cage implant in a way that covers the defect region on the surface of the hip. The backside of the implant was kept porous.


3D Printing

With the help of design and planning, we 3D printed a model of the deformed hip along with an implant that helped the surgeon in visualizing the pre-op condition along with analysing the surgical approach with post-op results.


Intra-op Images



Preplanning the surgical approach and use of the customized patient-specific implant helped in achieving accurate reconstruction, reduced intra-operative time, and faster recovery of the patient.






Dr. Dorai Rajan
Bilroth Hospital
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